Robert B. Wyatt's Story Till Now
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About Jam & the Box | New York Village of Highkill | Casting About for Characters
Veteran book editor, Robert B. Wyatt, delivers a story about books, computers, cats, and friendships in the New York village of Highkill. Jamison “Jam” James, a bookstore owner, discovers a carton containing a MacBook left behind in the midst of the death of his wife, Bay. At first reluctant to deal with the computer, he ceremoniously opens the box at the insistence of the Macs, a circle of his wife’s friends devoted to Macintosh technologies. The opening of the box heralds a new life for the grieving bookseller as the motley Macs—a radio announcer, a musician, a writer, two students, and a businessman—share their knowledge of their deceased friend, a charismatic village do-gooder who has concealed her past. Jam’s increasing curiosity is piqued when Rosa, a glamorous stranger, comes to town in hopes of writing an article about Bay. Jam’s life is beset by complications provoked by the Macs, Rosa, and other friends from Bay’s past, as well as a couple of sensitive cats, who harbor additional secrets. As old memories merge with discoveries, Jam’s quiet attraction to the young woman provides an unexpected understanding of his wife’s hidden past, bringing him back around toward happiness. In THE FLUFFYS & THE BOX, a companion novella issued simultaneously with JAM & THE BOX, the cats tell their own version of the story.

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